4 Easy Hacks That’ll Help You Stick to Your WW Plan, According to a Celebrity Chef

Weight Loss

I always tell people just how easy it is to stick with WW (formerly Weight Watchers), because it’s not really a diet; it’s simply a lifestyle. I firmly believe this, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy 100 percent of the time. There are absolutely days when I come home from work and all I want to do is either eat popcorn and M&M’s (my favorite snack) or just order food, but neither of those options is a healthy choice (unless you order a salad, and that is never going to be what I order).

I sat down with Chef Cat Cora, a WW ambassador and all-around amazing chef, to figure out exactly how to make healthy eating a breeze. As someone who is also on the plan, she knows all there is to know about preparing healthy foods and sticking to healthy habits, even when you’re feeling lazy and uninspired. For her four best hacks to make sure you’re never off-track, keep reading.

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