Ditch the Lame “Get in Shape” Resolution For 1 of These Instead

Weight Loss

Getting in shape is one of the most common new year’s resolutions year after year, and for good reason. Whether you want to feel more confident in your skin, lose weight for health reasons, have more energy, or just feel stronger, getting in shape can be one of the best ways to achieve all kinds of worthwhile goals. A staggering number of people fail at their fitness-related resolutions, though, and setting goals that are too broad or too undefined — like “get in shape” — is one of the reasons.

Research shows that we have a better shot of achieving goals that are specific and quantifiable, meaning we know exactly what success will look like and we can measure our progress along the way. “Get in shape” can mean vastly different things to different people, and if you don’t know exactly what it means to you, how can you possibly achieve it? Instead, here are 10 resolutions that offer more specific, measurable goals that just might help you get in the best shape of your life in 2019.

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