What a CrossFit Athlete Eats in a Day — the Calorie Amount Will Astound You!

Weight Loss

CrossFit workouts are intense, and CrossFit athletes training for competition can work out for three or more hours a day, so they obviously need the proper fuel. Six-time CrossFit Games athlete Lauren Fisher is heading into competition season, and here’s what she shared with POPSUGAR about what she eats on training days.

“To put it simply, I eat a lot of food when I train,” Lauren shared. She eats about 3,000 calories a day and weighs around 135 pounds. “Food is my fuel and I wouldn’t be able to perform the way I do if I didn’t eat that much.” She keeps track of her macros, and here’s the breakdown: 165 grams of protein, 400 grams of carbs, and 65 grams of fat.

Keep reading to find out more about her weekly training schedule, a sample of what a day of food might look like, and some tips for women wanting to get stronger and try CrossFit.

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